Monday, December 05, 2005

double A.....M,C, O

This was our day today in northern Virginia. The first snow storm of the season and it is still coming down. Things don’t really stop around here when it snows. The county is expert at being prepared and getting the roads sanded and salted. Other than maybe schools closing for one day, most people go to work. I remember being in awe of that our first winter here having come from Atlanta where thirty minutes of flurries shuts the city down and people act like they have a natural disaster happening.

Cars are great, love my car, feel blessed to be a two car family and really a car is a luxury. Having two is like really a luxury. Mine died yesterday on Cardinal Drive. The transmission. I knew it. So, the bother of the inevitable event and the unavoidable expenditure of a lot of cash has put a little damper on the day. Weather hasn’t really helped the general sentiment around the house either.

Still have not finished ‘Vincent’……what a shocker.

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