Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We took a trip to Philadelphia last week to meet with the owners of Qbix Gallery. Needless to say, I spent two weeks prior feeling out of my skin preparing for the meeting. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me during the preparation and the trip up.

I suppose we all have preconceived ideas about how things are going to be or how people are going to be in a new situation. It is just our way of being prepared, though our assumptions are usually incorrect. If you read enough books about being a professional artist you will find that ninety percent of them portray gallery owners and the gallery system as awful. The system is often not pro-artist and the owners are often uninformed and they are often artists gone sour. So, having read these statements many times in many resources, I had my hesitations. But when Sharon from Qbix called me and when we finally met all of those preconceptions were quickly dissipated.

I have never met such lovely warm and genuine people. Sharon and her fiance, also named Sharon, took Craig and I to lunch after our meeting. We sat together for over an hour discussing travel, art, movies…..many things. Their philosophy about art and how they run their gallery was a welcome relief from my preconceived ideas.

I came away learning a valuable lesson about my own fears and expectations and the freedom that is availble when I just step out and move forward leaving everything in the hands of God knowing that he has far greater plans and interests than I can comprehend.

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