Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Craig's confession

So, "Jeff" is still staring. Today I did a little mind mapping to unearth some ideas about where to take this painting. I think I have a few……

Up in West Virginia, Craig confessed to me that he felt my work was not going in the direction that it should go. I was a little hard to hear but I know he is right. I have always been very attracted to the surreal and to work of the mind over what I can literally see with the eye or copy. That has always been my strong point and my joy to work in this way. His reference was the "Vincent" painting which to him does not look like one of my paintings, but like someone else’s. It looks unfinished, almost like it is waiting for something. I agree.

For some reason I have moved in a realist sort of direction even though it is a direction that bores me. Maybe it is residue from the art school indoctrination I received. I had to prove I can do it if I want to. Consequently, I haven’t really been honing those imagination skills for some time. I am quite rusty, as I am discovering with "Jeff." I am a not as right brained as a lot of artists are either (therefore I am not flaky, like ALOT of artists….sorry, admit it brothers and sisters.) But because of that I tend to censor myself more…I am reasonable. I like to be on time and like to know what is going on before I go, don’t like surprises and don’t like changes in the schedule. Think that hinders my artistic side a bit?..

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