Thursday, November 15, 2007

Born again painter

There has been a shift in me this year that has brought a new mindset and vision about painting. After my artistic crisis last december that cast me into utter dependence on God and in which I completely quit painting, I have had a virtual "born again" artistic experience. And let me pause to give credit where credit is due: the glory belongs to God.

I have learned to do the next right thing and not to take on the whole outcome. To stop overanalyzing and live in the brushstroke. Pretty amazing for me. Those of you who know my intensity get it and I am sure it is a welcome change for you, as well.

Now to balance small works with larger more challenging works. I still differentiate between the artistis value of the two. I average about two sales a week, so the pressure to produce at times overwhelms, yet even today I feel the kick of a new "serious" painting idea or two.
"Ryner Girls"

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