Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brainworks for real.....

Not much painting going on this week. I sold four paintings last week and painted six more as well. I have switched focus to more creative works....writing a narrative for the black horse and second guessing myself way too much all the way around. I am doing some (yucky) marketing projects and also started a new background for an nebulous idea but mostly I just feel tired and introspective this week. This can be a good thing or this can be a bad thing for me. I have these whirlwind weeks of producing followed by a sort of recovery, which is where I am now. I suppose I become a little uneasy being away from more creative work for too I might loose my touch.

I am starting to look like Billy Idol (80's Idol) so I HAVE to get a haircut today.....I can mull some more while Maria does her hair magic......

....I leave you with one of Tom Chamber's beautiful photos:

You can see his work here:

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