Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Painting conflict

Struggling a bit just now. I have a list of other artist's blogs I visit weekly. Many of them are of the painting a day phenomenon and are doing quite well with sales. Really well. Most of the time, I am so glad to see them all doing so well and selling their work consistently. Other times, like today, I am a bit down.

I have heard a lot of advice about being an artist from all sorts of people artists and non alike.
The one I am thinking about today is "you must find what people buy and paint that." I have to say I have done that and after many months found myself really bored. I admire a person who can paint an apple or an egg 25 plus times in a myriad of different lightings and setup and sell every one. And I can do that, too and probably make loads on that bandwagon. I have tried it on one day a week, too, and my heart and mind are thinking about what I really want to paint.

This is a struggle for a lot of us who feel our mark, our creativity is more valuable to us than anything else. Hear me right I do not fault these painting a day artists at all and I am glad they do so well, yet I can't seem to bring myself to do the same thing. Not that my work cannot or doesn't sell, I just think it isn't as widely accepted or accessible. So, the struggle goes on......and it IS nice to get paid for your work and twice as nice to get paid for doing the kind of work you absolutely love. Maybe there is a market out there for me.........I just have to find it, right? Now I ramble....

Anyway, I will probably feel a lot better about it as the day goes on and I finish up that amazing painting on the easel......

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey, Caught your blog for the first time. I am new to blogging, painter here. My name is Mark Perry I live in NYC...I hear what you are saying. All I can say is paint what you want to paint and eventually if you want them to they will sell. If you don't paint what you really want to paint you will get bored as you have said and what fun is that. It is not easy probably the most difficult profession but being an artist is also the most enjoyable. If you check out my blog please don't take me for being sooo bitter. Best, Mark