Thursday, November 20, 2008

Painting pain....

One of the most difficult things to admit as a artist is that a painting is not working. Then the most excruciating act it to paint over that error. Today, I had to do just that with the painting in the previous post. The idea is still very strong and worth painting, but I can do it better. So, I painted over many hours of work.

The thought process goes something like this:
"Hum, that doesn't look as good as it did yesterday.."
"I will try to work around it....touch it up.."
"Wow, it looks worse..."
"All that work I did over the week! I am NOT painting over it!"
"I will work more on it. It will recover..."

Then comes the inevitable comes crashing upon me:
"I have to start over."
Anger, frustration, and maybe one more attempt to convince myself that it can be saved and then, sadly, I mix up my paint and within a few minutes, hours of work is gone. I thought yesterday was the act of commitment to the work. TODAY is total commitment to the work.

If it is worthy enough to do, it is worthy enough to be well done....(I am still a little mad, though.)


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...


Sorry to read about the painting pain. I've had to do that will glass pieces too. Frustrating to loose time, effort, and the materials involved too.

Another artist 'tagged' me, and I have 'tagged' you because I admire your work a great deal. Tagging is explained on my blog and I hope you will enjoy the diversion.


Steven S. Walker said...

Hey Tracey,
I'm not a well of wisdom but I've ruined hundreds of paintings. After a while it can knock you down but after you get over the initial disgust...then you learn something about yourself your process and how to avoid these set backs. I say this now but you'll probably have to remind me of this in the future.
-artists that don't learn from mistakes use more gesso.

Kary said...

it is totally painful to lose part of any piece ... I guess we chalk it up to the process. Thanks for sharing ... your work is an inspiration!