Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally.....back at the easel....seriously.

Last week my attempts to return to painting failed. Most of you know that we have been packing, moving and unpacking...and settling. I gave myself permission, in hand with well-trusted friends, to spend more time "nesting" here in our new home in Fredericksburg. I love doing handyman kinds of things and our place needed just that (and more...) I also spent several days painting the kitchen. For whatever reason every wall and every piece of trim in this house was painted antique white, all except for the ugly blue wall on the cathedral stairwell. So, you know, being all about color, I felt I needed to get at least one room painted.

I had breakfast with friend and fellow artist Elizabeth Seaver yesterday. I was greatly encouraged to talk with a comrade and I have gotten back to it this week. And, after six weeks away, it feels great.

Almost complete....putting in the details....

5" x 7" oil on panel

5" x 7" oil on panel


Erik said...

Good to hear you're back on track.
Love the stag, strong shapes and the color palette is great.

Anonymous said...

Seldom in life do you have a chance to encourage the talent and the creativeness that we find in Tracey--- She came to our attention as a relished painter of pets. Little did we know, as we got to know her, just how much we would enjoy and collect her unique style, adventure, and most important her special stories that explain “her real story” as applied to her creations.

She is very creative in color, subject matter, and never afraid to take a new look. Like many great artists of the past, being creative and critical; she changes her compositions often. Thereby reducing the quantity, providing this owner with her feelings of quality and belief. Her numerous works reflect her vision, her deep feelings. She studies, and sometimes agonizes over a subject; until, she has it the way she feels it. Then it is given for us, the “appreciate-tors”, to see her vision and thoughts. A very scary thing to have someone tell you, “I took a picture of your 'PEN' several years ago while traveling in Australia!” Or, I really do not understand why you are doing this or that--- Tracey takes it all in, with gracious thought and a considered response of what you are seeing. Exciting for us; she blogs her thoughts as she tussles with her mind and creativity in action---Thrilling to watch and admire the result. She has left close proximity to our family but our thoughts and encouragement continue.

I'm so pleased to see her once again back at work--- get on-board, and follow “The GUIDE”, the horse that brought she and Craig to a new level of financial achievement in Fredricksburg. Now that the initial challenge of the never-ending homey list is over, Tracey will once again be drawn to her versions of the stories that only HER brush can tell--- and tell with the detail, depth and broad brush of born talent. To tell of the broken eggs, the empty nest and so many other things in nature that are missed by our busy lives. The lilies and vines of “The Bull” still reflect her sage understanding of life in the animal world, may that never fade, only blossom more!

Collectors of Tracey Clarke's works,
Sincerely, Eugenia and Steve 5/2010

Dean Grey said...


I just adore the detailing in the antlers of the first piece!

Glad you are back to painting!