Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Party at the Clarke's..

Wow, I am exhausted. The summer has just begun and we have a lot of travel and visitors planned.

On the fourth we had the first official party at the Clarke house with our amazing friends. My sister and niece were here for several days, then dear friends Phil and Elisa stayed and then we are off to Atlanta twice over the next month. My time in the studio might be limited for awhile.

Friday night was the Liberty Town opening. "Diamond.." and "Overcoming the Seeds of Doubt" will hang through August. If you are around Fredericksburg, stop in and see the show.

On the easel:


Kathleen Krucoff said...

How wonderful to have your first party at the new house! Yay! Looks like a great group.

Happy to hear how busy you are...sorry to know this will keep you away from the easel some. Love your new subjects...I find them quite adorable.

Dean Grey said...

Looks like fun, Tracey!

Wish I was there!