Monday, August 16, 2010

Now showing through August...

If you'd like to make a day trip to Fredericksburg, "Ei" will show at the Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts until August 27th.

And "Diamond, Ringleader of the Spring Revolt" and "Overcoming the Seeds of Doubt" are at Liberty Town until August 29th.

If you come to Old Town for a visit to the galleries and see the historic city of Fredericksburg, let me know. Craig and I would love to see you.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

All are some of my favorite works of yours. Kudos and congratulations on these exhibitions. Well deserved my friend.

Steven S. Walker said...

HI there Tracey! It's been a while. Just wanted to tell you that I continue to be impressed by your work and the mood and emotion that you bring to each painting. Paint On!

Dean Grey said...

The second one is dramatic, apocalyptic even!

I love it!

This must be an old one because I don't recognize it.

How did it slip past me!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I second that! The work is fabulous!