Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the easel and other things....

Paintings for the bird show are wrapping up. All the fine details are almost complete. I am beginning the framing, labeling and pricing along with a few other goodies. I do plan to have a drawing for one of the paintings. Yes, you have to attend the show to be entered.

"Bald Eagle"
30" x 24" oil on panel

30" x 18" oil on panel

Sir Issac Newton was shipped home to Colorado yesterday. Kathleen says she will get a photo of him posing with his painting, which would be awesome....I am so proud of this painting. Thanks to her husband Dan for providing a great photograph. So often I get the old Polaroid shot indoors....almost impossible to work from....

"Sir Issac Newton"
20" x 16" oil on panel

Not much painting this week. We have dear friends who are being relocated, so Craig and I have committed to been spending with them weekly until they leave. I did do another study, though. If you have Facebook, I have a few up still available and add weekly. Any subject ideas for these?

"White Peacock"
5" x 5" oil on panel
$75 framed

"Overcoming the Seeds of Doubt" has been sold. I am so honored and humbled when someone spends their hard earned money on one of my paintings. You can read the narrative at the link.

"Overcoming the Seeds of Doubt"
18" x 24, oil on canvas

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Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey!

The Bald Eagle is magnificent. All of them are beautiful and yes, Newton will be my favorite always! I am picking him up from the post office today and depending on the level of cooperation from the real one (bassets have a mind of their own) we will get a picture to you! I'm not sure where I will hang the portrait yet, but I will send you a photo of that too. I'm tempted to have it in my studio.

Thanks for the shout out to Dan and his photography. I know I'm partial but his photographs are awesome. I'm glad it made doing Newt's portrait easier. :)

Thank you again. Tonight is going to be a great night!

~ Kathleen Krucoff