Monday, October 18, 2004

election 2004

I cannot begin to express how disappointed and sad this election makes me feel. But then it really exemplifies human nature, doesn’t it. Everyone has an agenda and everyone wants everyone else to jump on their makeshift bandwagon. And if anyone disagrees with that agenda then watch out for the flying fists and rotten vegetables. Why do we need for others to agree? Why do we feel so threatened by any opposition? Our natural desire to control others and form little ‘ideology cults’ is SO ugly and quite honestly ungodly. I do it, for crying out loud. But I am AWARE. I see it in my guts. I despise it in me and in others. That huge divide of ‘us and them’, of left and right is despicable to me. It accomplishes nothing and I am embarrassed by what I have heard professing followers of Christ spew in the election season via the media. Writer and speaker Don Miller refuses to use the word ‘Christianity’ anymore because of all the damage that WE have done in the name of Christ. He prefers ‘Christian spirituality’…. I am beginning to prefer that too…. The church is not being ‘persecuted’ in American for being Christ followers. The church is disliked because we are religious and feel the need to insist that others be as well. We have twisted the scripture. It clearly states to judge those who are IN the church not those who are outside the church.

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