Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sparrows and Brochures

I have finished the Morpheus painting (I think) and I feel it is a strong piece. I am a bit overwhelmed at the number of works I have that need framing. I have to consider other supports, I think, that do not require the huge (and ridiculous) expense of a framing job. On a student/artist budget the prospect of framing all this work in daunting. It can be rather depressing.

My friend Pam has graciously and enthusiastically offered her assistance and support in my efforts to address the business (yuck) aspect of being an artist. We have our Thursday morning bible study and then plan to work on the business. We went over to a few copy places to get quotes on brochures today. I have a beautiful brochure on a pdf file we put together, but when the printer printed a hardcopy, I wasn’t happy at all with the quality of some of the photos of my work. So, they have to be reshot and the whole thing has to be reworked. Needless to say I was irritated, but Pam has this wonderful way of speaking the truth to me not only in serious issues but in this one as well. I really need that. Her take was that, well, now we know what we need to do, we’ll get a better camera, shoot this day, print this day, get the mailing done this day…it’ll be great! I don’t need any more empathy or niceties from well meaning folks. I need someone to give me the proper perspective. I have grown lazy in disciplining my mind with the truth and naturally lean towards a negative bent on things. And now as I am moving toward 37 years old (that’s right folks) I don’t want to continue that behavior.

I heard an eighty year old woman on the radio today being interviewed about her positive perspective on life and aging and she said "Romans 8:28-30….believe it now. Don’t wait. Either it’s true or not. Choose it and live like that." To her it was that simple. Anything that happens God works together for the good of those who believe. Not a sparrow falls to the ground….not a brochure glitch, as simple and seemingly unimportant as it is, goes unnoticed.

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