Tuesday, November 29, 2005

crafty hell

OK….so, yesterday was NOT the day. (see yesterday’s post…), but today might be. Ran out of black paint. This morning I made the dreaded trip to Michael’s to get some to do the last touch up stuff. Every time, without fail, I make a trip to Michael’s and there is always, always the same little old lady working the register. The place is huge….one person on register. And most of the people in line, always women, have bags of Michael’s junk that they are returning. I suppose they bought too many doo-dads they didn’t need after all….too many plastic flowers or dried weeds or rocks or something crafty like that. I had to get to a breakfast date with my friend Tracy, so of course the woman in front of me had a cartload of garland and I am standing there with my tiny tube of paint. Happens every time, I swear it.

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