Friday, November 11, 2005

mice and birds

I have had these recurring dreams about small rodents and birds….like pet animals. They are either starving and sick because I forgot to feed them or they are dying. Really creepy to me being a big believer that dreams tell you something about yourself. Mine are like novels; movies. There is usually not a literal meaning in dreams but a symbolic one. So, yes, all those disturbing sexual dreams you have (don’t act like you don’t) have nothing to do with sex. What a relief, right?

Wrapping up Vincent and Me. All the blood shed over this work has paid off big time and all the anger and frustration I felt about and for this work have been worth it. I will have it up on the site shortly, so a lot of positive reenforcement from readers would make it even more worth it. I think I even have some ideas for the next one. AHHH, the NEXT one………In the meantime I have a portrait job to get on.

On a monumental note, the brochure will be ready next week…..monumental, my friends, make no mistake.

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