Thursday, June 08, 2006

Battle of the wounded knee

So, now I have injured my knee. After my lovely run on tuesday upon healing up from the aforementioned dog attack, I noticed a weird tightness in my left knee when I squated down throughout the day. I finally noticed this fluid bubble squeezing out from the side of my knee. Though I had no pain at all, I felt a sick panicky feeling come over me. I am pretty tough; been through a lot of painful things physical and mental, but
that nauseating water bubble popping out from under my kneecap made me feel lightheaded.

Every runner knows a knee injury is the worst thing that can happen.
So, I am wallowing in a little sadness these few days of rest trying to keep my mind off of the sunshine outside each day, off of another missed run. All of my maladies are overwhelming me a bit tonight. I have a few ongoing, a few short term……

This weekend we are off to Norfolk to help my sister and brother-in-law paint their new house before they move in. It will be a welcome escape from my self-centeredness this week. Betweem the Philly gallery trip, the dog thing, my back, and the knee ailment I can really feel the crushing weight of myself these days.

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