Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Final painting of 2007....


So as of January one I have five days a week to paint. This is an opportunity I have hoped and prayed for over the last several months and the Lord has brought it to pass.

Today, on January two while thinking about my new schedule and all the uninterrupted time I have to paint away a small seed of doubt sprouted which turned into a tiny plant of fear and is on its way to becoming a tree if I continue to fertilize it with these thoughts........then it will bear fruit........this formidable tree bears several fruits all of which bring on paralysis.

In my prayer time at once flashed an image of me and Craig two years ago in the deep woods of West Virginia. I had just finished "Vincent and Me" and we were talking about the painting. I asked Craig what he thought of it and he said basically it was a fine painting but that it lacked my signature surrealistic style. Well, that hurt a bit, but he was right. And I felt I needed to go back in that direction, the way of my first love, if you will, in art and the reason I wanted to be an artist. As I mentioned in the previous entry I was inspired by surrealism, fantasy and narrative.

Here two years later I am again thinking about artistic direction and feel another tug to journey down the same road. I find the older I get the more my logical brain tries to take over the universe. Hey, I was really excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas, I love to organize and clean. Not very artistic. Most artists are a mess. I think I need more mess at least in the space before the easel.

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