Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FCCA prep day.....

A day of processing and readjustment always follows being away. Back from Atlanta and doing laundry and getting the painting ready for the FCCA show.

I decided to go for the spray ketone varnish and have been applying thin coats all day....have the headache to prove it. I have a skeleton statement ready....a lot of artist release these amazingly wordy and obtuse statements. I am of the opinion that statements can hurt the work either by interpreting the work for the viewer or distancing them from it by general artist weirdness. As a matter of fact, artists are directly responsible for the pervasive idea that people other than artist cannot understand art. Some ideas in these statements are so bizarre (it seems the more bizarre the more artists like it) that NO ONE can get it. Artists seem to forget that the number one reason a patron buys a work of art is because it matches their couch. Sorry, fellow artists but its true. They don't care about our obscure theories.

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