Friday, June 06, 2008

Final Varnish

Having just a few weeks to prepare the painting for the FCCA show I realized I still need a final varnish. After researching all the options and reading too many opinions about all the specifics of application, type and brand I came away with a major headache.
I think sometimes that artists just want to be contrary to prove that they are quirky. Some tend to give strong opinions about technique and management without giving any reason for their stance or giving a 2000 word thesis of nonsense for their stance. I wonder what percentage of artists have mental disorders?.....Or hope to cause others to develop one by reading their weirdness?!
And why anyone would want to fool with the old Dammar varnish, collected from trees in India, is beyond me when there are several new synthetic applications to choose from which are easy to remove for later cleaning of the work and easy to apply. No cooking here!......AAARRGGHH! I think synthetic is the way to go...... Anyway, these Dammar folks usually make their own paint, too. Kickin' it old school.

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