Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two New Paintings, Four New Frames

"Three Chicks" - oil on panel, 5" x 7" , purchase here

"Magpie" - oil on panel 5" x 7", purchase here

I am having a lot of trouble with my neck and shoulders over the last few months. I have only been able to paint for a few hours a day if at all. I have a plan now, though and hope to be back up to par soon. The regimen of ice and Advil are only covering the problem, so on to a real solution. "Diamond, Ringleader of the Spring Revolt" is staring at me daily along with the Harpy painting having only a shadow of a face with two black holes for eyeballs and now two more strong ideas are invading my mind, so I am anxious to be able to really focus on painting again rather than the discomfort I am in while painting.

I bought four beautiful frames from Jerry's this week. They arrived yesterday and I am going to put the canvases in after a trip to the hardware store. If you need frames, Jerry's is the place to get them. You do have to buy four of the same size at one time, but that is why the price is so great.

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Sharmon Davidson said...

Tracey, I'm sorry you're having back/neck problems; I hope you get to feeling better soon. All of these bird paintings are beautiful, but I'm especially drawn to the magpie. Are birds important to you for any particular reason? Just wondering, as I have kind of a thing for birds, myself.