Thursday, June 17, 2010

Physical Therapy and on the easel...

Last week was my first visit to a physical therapist. After a three hour assessment, I went home with a stretching routine and a bit more peace and education over a long-standing neck and shoulder issue. Along with daily stretches, a few changes need to be made, namely, I must go back to a desktop and learn proper typing. I type with four fingers and have to look. For now, there will be twice weekly sessions of PT.

Balancing my time between new home and new studio is falling into place. Even as I type (with four fingers..) I am sitting on my deck looking out over the woods that leads down to the river. There is wildlife abounding. My kind of living. Our neighborhood red-shouldered hawk has begun the afternoon announcements like clockwork.

I have several proposals on the docket, so plenty of paperwork to do over the next few weeks. Tomorrow morning, I am meeting for coffee with an artist and president of a local co-op gallery.
Katie is coming down from Lorton Sunday night for a dinner and a look at a few galleries

Currently on the easel.....

"Carolina Chickadee"
oil on panel
5" x 7"
$250 framed

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Dean Grey said...


I hope the physical therapy helps!

How does typing with just four fingers add to the neck/shoulder pain though?