Friday, January 30, 2009

Painting delivery

There was some doubt about the delivery of "The Flowering Bull" yesterday to the clients. With a few days of ice and snow, a drive over to their place back in the woods by the river and up a long driveway looked unlikely. But by the afternoon I got the all clear for the meeting.
The wife in the couple had not told the husband about the painting, only that it was a surprise and that he would love it. I have to say I had a few moments of fear on the short drive over. This would be the first time he would see a piece of art he was about to spend a lot of money for.
They met me in the driveway and in we went for the unveiling.

I have to say how overwhelming it was to see the expressions on their faces. They absolutely loved the painting. Relieved, we talked for awhile about the work, their collection and beautiful home. I headed grateful. Grateful that these lovely people would value my painting enough to spend their hard earned cash to own it and equally that they connected on such a deep level with the image. As I got into the car they said, "We will be contacting you again."


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Awesome. What a wonderful experience Tracey. Thanks for sharing and congratulations again on this sale. I'm so very happy for you.

I'm enjoying your recent posts too on the new painting. Really enjoy seeing the size of it in your studio and seeing how your studio space is set up. I am always curious about others' workspace, what things look like, how it's organized; I guess I'm just fascinated about the environment where creativity takes place. Mine looks like it's in a state of creative chaos now...guess it's been that way longer than I care to admit.

Anyway, how wonderful that they may purchase another piece from you. I know I want to one of these days when I can afford to do so.

Douglas Hoover said...

Tracey, that's wonderful. Letting your work go is tough. It was for me. But once you make that connection with your buyer/collector and know that your work will be in a good home, it's much easier. Beautiful work, Tracey!