Thursday, January 22, 2009


My camera is on the fritz, which is a dire circumstance for an artist. I still have yet to get a good shot of "Diamond" who mocks from atop the bookcase.

I began a new painting yesterday and it moves along swiftly, the idea just birthing itself like it was meant to be. Additions to the original idea float into my mind with ease. The focal point is a Mandrill baboon and a flurry of tiny birds. I can see it clearly as if I am there under a reflected sky on the shallows. He is lost, and may be mourning something he cannot replace. The birds bring him sustenance and tokens.......He is like Job of the animal kingdom.

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Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Technology is great, except when it goes on the fritz! Bummer about your camera. I am sooooo anxious to see "Diamond". Your description is wonderful as I'm envisioning how you are painting this one. That will have to do until you can post a picture.

Thanks for sharing your creative process.