Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food as Art

After a rather depressing week wrestling with back issues, I did manage a few hours of painting Monday. Today I went for an eye exam and had my eyes dilated, so no painting today. I don't believe in accidents and I am considering, as I lay on an ice pack, what God is communicating to me with such an obstacle at such a busy time in my art life. This strange slowing down of everything.....Amazing how tied together body, mind and spirit are for me. If I struggle in one area, I do in all.

SO....my art today is my dinner. Marinated grilled veggies from the local farmer's market and wild caught salmon with teriyaki pan sauce. Buy local; support local farming, people.

..hope to catch up with all my art family's blogs soon....look forward to seeing what you each have been creating.

My Artomatic guest book has quickly become a prized possession. Here is a limerick from it for "Ovis Nectarus" from an anonymous observer:

"The one L lama is a priest,
the two L llama is a beast,
And I'll bet my silk pajama
You'll never see a three L lllama."

Oh and above that someone wrote:

"The butterflies are killing the llama!!!"


Bonnielynn said...

oh my.....hope your better soon and back to painting.
I had eye surgery 4 weeks ago, so I know what its like NOT to be painting.
Take care.

Sheila said...

LOL... [I'm chuckling at the comments in your book not your back]

I admire how you see a reason for the potholes placed in the road of life.

I admire that you're such a wonderful cook and love that you have access to lovely local produce!

I am envious you have a permanent record of how people have reacted to your work. Normally they are fleeting words that you may or may not have the opportunity to hear while they admire your work.

Hugs and healing vibes to you Tracey.

sam said...

Hey you can be very creative with food, Im always experimenting, well its a sort of art isnt it!?

DEB said...

Funny poem! I hope you enjoyed your dinner, and that your back feels better soon!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

The comment about the butterflies has me cracking up. I hope you will share more from your guest book at Artomatic as they are entertaining and insightful.

The food looks yummy too.

Dean Grey said...

This made me hungry!


モバゲー said...