Monday, July 06, 2009

Today's Painting on the easel

It has been at least nine since I have painted a self portrait. I have never done one in oil so, I must have been is a brave head space today. Really fun, really challenging. I have a lot of ideas about where to take this. I did the initial blocking in and some tightening today, but the paint needs to set a bit, so time to lay off.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Such a striking image of yourself. You must be feeling better to work on this too. Looking forward to where you will take this.

Sheila said...

How cool! Those eyes...those beautiful blue eyes. Glad you seem to be feeling better!

DEB said...

This is beautiful already - very recognizable as you. I was just commenting on another blog today - I think one day I will do a self portrait that somehow incorporates my real image as well as my self image, or the image in my mind's eye. (It's much younger, thinner and more interesting!)

SiLa said...

Dear Tracy, i just stumbled upon your site and for the first time I see your work. It got me. You or best to say, your art will have an impact on mine work. :)
I link you to my site that all can see your work too.
With love, Lidija

RJames said...

A very beautifully done selfportrait, you captured yourself in a way only you can. I need to get started on my own lol.