Monday, August 03, 2009


Why is it that often I read an artist statement and come away from it feeling like "what??" Why is that when I look at contemporary art and mostly feel I just have been exposed to an expression that exists solely for the purpose of uncovering self-mania, obsession, and often, perversion? (I am in no way speaking about art that addresses hard issues.)
Anyone but me? Can anyone explain?
Can anyone be an artist? Is art really in the eye of the beholder? What makes a piece of art last over generations?
I realize this is as old a question as "what in art...."


Kathleen Krucoff said...

I read this post on another blog last week and it spoke to me about what art is....

Connection on an emotional and spiritual level with my work...a worthy goal for me.

DEB said...

I think good art is something people can relate to. Some people are perverted and relate to that. Other people are moved by abstract form and color, so they relate to that.

I think the art you enjoy is a reflection of the person you are.

Are you who you want to be?

Dean Grey said...



I would've liked for you to answer some of those questions yourself. I'm curious what your answers would be.

No, I don't think anyone can be an artist.

As far as art existing to uncover self-mania, obsession, etc.., well, what is wrong with that?

Isn't art an expression of the artist? Shouldn't they be putting a part of themselves into their work?

Some of the most profound painters have done this already. Frida Kahlo comes to mind.

I always thought true art was just that......the artist manifesting in the form of their work.


Tracey Clarke said...

Great link, Kathleen. I agree.

Thx, Deb...also, agree. And, yes, I am. :)

Dean, I think Frida's work was really about her pain both physical from her accident and from being unable to carry a child (as well as her tumultuous relationship w/Diego Rivera.) I think people are moved by that expression and can relate to her sadness and pain. What I speak about is not the ocean of human emotional which helps us make a bridge to the viewer. I mean deviancy and perversion that creates a chasm...I think there is a big difference.

Dean Grey said...

Thanks for the clarification, Tracey!