Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I made a lot of progress on the "Landlord" painting today, but it is really cloudy out and the end of the day, so I can't shoot an image. It should be completed tomorrow. I made the body an enormous birds nest...
Also working on the tamarin painting as well...
I will get images up tomorrow.

I have a buyer for "Ovis Nectarus," the llama painting. So many people have asked about this painting and so many have had a strong response to it. So, she has a new home in January after her commitments to exhibit close. '

I must say I have really mixed feelings about selling it. All of the major works I have sold have been to local buyers, but this one goes out of state, so it is highly unlikely I will ever see this painting again. But, the buyer is committed and in feel really connected to the work, so I know it goes to a great home. It is a strange thing. The paintings are part of me....I feel like I am losing a piece of myself.


sam said...

The llama is a personal favourite of mine,Im sure you must have got quite attached to it. BUT congratulations on the sale, and you can always take comfort in getting your work out there spreading the Tracey Clarke style:)

L.Holm said...

Congrats on the sale, Tracey. I can understand your ambivalence about letting Ovis N. go. It's a tremendous piece. An artist friend of mine holds back certain key paintings for his own collection.

Peter Brown said...

Tracey, money can't buy your heart and soul, so when you've put your heart and soul into the creation of a painting - as you always do - I understand your reluctance to part with it.

Dean Grey said...


It's quite interesting that you have mixed feelings about being separated from your work.

I have the exact opposite feelings.

When I create a work of art it's the actual process of creation that moves me.

Once the painting is complete, I no longer want the artwork because I crave to create something new. The finished painting has very little emotional connection to me at that point.

The real power was bringing it to life NOT after it's been created. Does this make sense?

And like you, I consider myself a perfectionist so I'm surprised that we think so differently on this!

Or maybe I'm not connecting to my work as much as I should?