Monday, September 07, 2009


When I was at the Atlanta College of Art, we had to show our sketch books at every prof/student meeting to show how we arrived at a finished work. I ALWAYS did the sketches after the finished piece. I don't sketch to this day. Well, today I rediscovered how very much I love to work in pencil.
I have had this painting on my mind for sometime....I suppose mine are more like drawing than sketches, but you all know how my style isn't exactly "loose." Lots of notes too...the little "bubbles" are her good and bad thoughts. Craig said "Oh, is she having bad thoughts about being run over by a car?"....very funny.


sam said...

Lovely drawing Tracey. I dont like using pencil but I really like sketching with charcoal-well it seems easier I guess:)

Dean Grey said...


Punch Craig in the arm for the rest of us! (^_^)

Even though this isn't a fully conceived drawing it still is quite fantastic. Soft, feminine, and innocent spring to mind.

I would love to see you do a finished piece one day done completely in pencil.

Thanks for sharing!


L.Holm said...

I love the sketch. It has a tender quality to it.

-Don said...

I always enjoyed drawing, but by the time I was finished with college it seemed like more of a chore. So, anymore, my sketchbook is Photoshop. I love being able to lay in composition and color without having to waste paper, paint or canvas. Every now and then I still lay one out with pencil, just to prove I still can. But, that's more of an exercise instead of a passion. I love your notes all over the page. Mine are usually post-its and scraps of paper all jumbled into a folder. Happy creating... -Don