Friday, October 30, 2009

Countdown to FCCA and NVFAA

I am just beginning to feel the pressure of not painting for the last three weeks. There is an out of sorts feeling that also can be attributed to traveling, I suppose. It almost feels like I am neglecting myself in some way by not painting.

Going over the paintings for the two upcoming shows has been a little painful. I guess as we progress as artists, though a painting may be quite strong, we still see room for improvement, and a desire to go further along in our craft. I am all for a "natural" way of painting, i.e. going with natural bent in style and method, but sometimes there are weaknesses that need tweaking. I think these are helped along by observing other works, like in my case, a trip to the
High Museum while in Atlanta. We are helped to see different approaches to our medium, new ways of proposing our ideas when we "fill the well" with the work of other artists and, if you are so blessed, to receive the feedback of fellow artists.

So, the framing is done for FCCA. The easel is calling, but I still have a few ends to tie up for the show which we hang on Sunday and then it is on to framing and varnishing for NVFAA which will be hung on November 17th (more about that later)......then comes the Caton Merchant Gallery in February!

I will leave you with one of the paintings I always make a point to see at the High.

Joseph DeCamp
"The Blue Mandarin Coat"
oil on canvas, 1922

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Dean Grey said...


I know the upcoming show will not only turn out fine, but will be much better than you could've hoped!

It's smart of you to step back and get a different perspective on things. This makes me want to go to the Art Institute here in Chicago for the same reason!