Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Sowa

A few weeks ago I was visiting family in Norfolk and while at a party at my Uncle and Aunt's home, my sister pointed out a unique print on the foyer wall. It was this fantastic Michael Sowa print called "Kohler's Pig."

My Uncle went on to tell me how connected he felt to the painting and even showed me a photographic print of a landscape he bought because in his words "it made me want to go be there." It was nice to here one of my relatives speak of connecting to artwork and not merely buying pieces that match the couch.

I did some research on Sowa when I returned home and really fell in love with his work.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey!

I was familiar with Sowa's Kohler's Pig, but I'm afraid that's only because I've seen it in so many places. However, I hadn't seen his other works, which you've posted here. Thanks for doing that and expanding my knowledge about him.

For whatever reason this morning, the one that really caught my attention and makes me smile is the one with the big rabbit! Love it. I guess the whimsy part of it calls to me.

The others are really wonderful too and certainly speak to his skills.

Thanks! Kathleen

Dean Grey said...


I wasn't familiar with this artist until you blogged about him.

What a wonderful style! A nice combination of realism and whimsy/fantasy!


gail said...

I buy a wall calendar of Michael Sowa's art every year, and I also have cards of his that I set around my apartment. I love his work. There are some other German artists with similar styles, but Sowa's is always my favorite - especially the pink pigs: memories of my marzipan pigs!