Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Countdown to opening day.

I am always amazed when a painting moves so quickly along, without a hitch. It does not happen often for me, so I am basking in the wonder that is the "Shepherdess." She seemed to come along like magic. Meant to be.

Craig and I went to visit family over the long weekend and by Sunday, I was beginning to mull over the FCCA and NVFAA shows which both open in a few weeks. I have hardware to hunt down, varnishing to do, more promotion as well as working on the reception food and drinks. Some of the paintings are so new that they will get no more than a coat of retouching varnish.
So, all that to say I am pretty much wrapped up with painting and won't be back at it in a focused manner for awhile.

On a very cool note, the Van Gogh museum is displaying Vincent's letters alongside paintings he is speaking about in those letters.

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Dean Grey said...

Don't stress over the art shows too much, Tracey. I know everything will work out just fine.

But why do YOU have to bring refreshments?! Shouldn't the organizers of the show be doing that sort of thing?

Or is this another artist-run event?