Monday, March 22, 2010

Painting Update

Here are the first glazes on the peacock. I am already finding myself impatient and wanting to paint directly. Hmmm.....may not be my thing, but I will stick it out and we will see, right?

I spent Sunday purging things for our move in April and found an old 40" x 30" painting of me with Vincent Van Gogh. I painted over it and started a new one today. The central focus will be a white red shouldered hawk that fills up most of the canvas. Let's see how it looks in such a large scale and how it evolves.

"Ki" is done....I just need an assistant to help me get an image...

1 comment:

Dean Grey said...

Hey, at least you gave it a try, right Tracey?

There's nothing wrong with trying new techniques and deciding they're not you're cup of tea.