Friday, March 12, 2010


We have been in the process of buying a house, and though I have been able to do some painting this week, that process has taken most of my focus. We did indeed get the house we offered on Sunday. I am surprised at how exhausting house hunting can be. From Sunday to Wednesday night was a roller coaster. Hence the wiped out feeling, I suppose.

I am really excited about how "Ki" is coming along and will post an image soon. I started a new painting, too, and I am still mulling over the stag painting.

For the weekend I will leave you with Jeremy Geddes. His paintings are the perfect marriage of technique to creativity. Not an easy task.

"The White Cosmonaut"
c. Jeremy Geddes


L.Holm said...

that's awesome! Thanks for sharing his work.
Congrats on you new home, Tracey!

sam said...

Pretty cool, well done on the new house!
ps hope you have a studio room)

Dean Grey said...

I hope you show us pics of your new home, Tracey!