Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting Update...

I promise all the madness of buying our house will end....I say this mostly for my own sanity. ;)
Until then, I have updated the small oil paintings page on the website for those who might like to have a look. I am amazed (and grateful for) how fast these go! Let me know if you want one.

I am still working (slowly) in my glazing experiment. I have learned a lot, mostly about what not to do.

Here is the progress of our little friend, Mr Peacock....

Underpainting. I should have made the lights lighter. In general, the underpainting must be painted lighter on the value scale than it really appears because as glazes are added, the painting gets darker.

Too much medium.

I think I am getting it......although, still getting darker and losing highlights.

Where we are now. But...I like it. I will keep messing around with it until it gets to the magical "done."


Erik said...

I like the process shots.
What did you use for the underpainting?

Tracey Clarke said...

Erik, the under painting is oil, as well.

Erik said...

Ok, thanks.

Dean Grey said...


The blue in the final shot looks gorgeous and rich!