Monday, November 23, 2009

The Athenaeum Opening

The opening of the Athenaeum show last night was really great. Plenty of friends and family present along with others. I really enjoyed engaging new friends about art and all manner of topics from Andrew Wyeth to pet pigs. Receiving such wonderful feedback and response is always a humbling experience and I count myself very blessed to be a professional artist with so much support for the work. Thanks everyone. As of today four paintings have been sold.

And special thanks to the lovely and amazing Twig Murray who really is behind all of this and has been such a wonderful encouragement to me.


The Historic Athenaeum

Phil and my husband, Craig.

Eugenia anf Steve Ryner

Mike, my sister, Sarah and Chris

Craig managed a few interior shots before the people arrived.

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Dean Grey said...


See.....didn't I say everything would turn out okay?

Congrats on the sale of some of those paintings.

I would love to have seen this show in person. One day, who knows!

I'm glad you had a wonderful day and had so many friends and family to support you!