Friday, November 20, 2009


The Athenaeum opening is this Sunday. It has been an odd week. I have worked some on paintings in progress, and started a new painting, but really mostly have enjoyed relaxing and getting some other things done this week. Family is coming in, some for the opening and some early in the week and then Thanksgiving arrives, so next week might not hold a lot of painting time either.

I will leave you all this Friday with the new project by my favorite photographer, Andrew Zuckerman, called "Bird."

One of my all time favorite images is his photograph of Andrew Wyeth.

c. Andrew Zuckerman


Sheila said...

Amazing!!! though time and the elements may have taken the tole on the outside, Wyeth's brilliance shines through those crystal blue eyes.

Dean Grey said...


The very best of luck with your opening this weekend!!