Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Update

I think I have forgotten how to paint. Five weeks post-last painting, and feeling it. When I took on two shows opening within a month of each other, I knew it would be a challenge getting enough good work, but now the ongoing framing (with two damaged frame shipments), varnishing and writing narratives have worn me out. It has been a learning experience as one show I (and the other artist, Anne) were exclusively responsible for press, hanging, the reception and cleaning of the gallery. I did enjoy getting the reception together and will do that again with the first opening of 2010 in February. But I have to say I officially hate varnishing. I wonder how many brain cells I have murdered by breathing that stuff over the last month?

I spoke with journalist Craig Schulin from the Freelance Star newspaper today about the FCCA show. I will post the story he is writing on the exhibit as soon as I get it from him.I really enjoyed speaking with him and hearing his comments and thoughts on my work.

I deliver the Athenaeum show this Sunday. The inventory will be nine large paintings and ten
5" x 7" panels. Until then, I will keep tying things up, making sure each painting, each word is right, and photographing (which I loathe.) And...(sigh of relief) I will officially be back at the easel on Monday. We will see if I can paint a stick animal or remember color mixing at all........

I leave you with the Latte artist.

1 comment:

Dean Grey said...

You've forgotten how to paint, Tracey?

No, not very likely.

You've got too much talent to lose it all in a matter of weeks.

I just think the stress of setting up so many shows is getting to you a bit.

Pace yourself and you'll be just fine!