Monday, November 02, 2009

FCCA hanging at the Historic Silversmith house

Sunday was a rainy day to transport paintings, but we did it and the FCCA show is hung and looks fantastic. Anne has one side of the space and I have the other. Our work is drastically different from one another, but I think it works great. Something for everyone, I hope.

The Member's Gallery in in the basement of the house. You can see the old beams in the ceiling supporting the main level floor. Because the basement walls are stone, our hanging system consists of a wooden strip all the way around the top of the walls and using fishing line to suspend the works.

Because this is an artist run organization, Anne and I will also be responsible for the food and drink. This is something I really enjoy, so I am looking forward to a trip to Trader Joe's for great unique food and good, inexpensive wine. The upstairs gallery is also opening a juried show and it is First Friday, which means the area galleries are also opening shows, so we should have a lot of traffic.

The gallery is housed in the Silversmith house in densely historic Fredericksburg. Built in 1785, the house sits right on the Rappahannock River in old town. In 1961, in danger of being torn down, it was bought be the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation and eventually became the property of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts.

Thanks to everyone for sending well wishes for the show.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Tracey, this is just so exciting! I'm so very happy for you and I think it will be a great event. You are so right about Anne's work being a nice compliment to yours and vice versa.

I would so love to see this and take in all the wonderful history of the facility too.

Wishing you, Anne and the other artists much success. Well deserved!

SiLa said...

I see, we have the same sweet worries about the exhibition :)... food, drink...
I am going to hung my artworks today and the Opening will be on Saturday.
May God give you good times

Dean Grey said...


I absolutely love the rustic look of the interior walls!