Monday, December 14, 2009

Small paintings

The 5" x 7" paintings on panel are in high demand of late and I have been working on those commissioned pieces over the last week. I have sold four that hang in the Athenaeum show and have a few commissions in line. Although I really prefer to work on a larger surface, I can understand the attraction of the little paintings from a subject matter and price perspective. They really work well for small animals and have a very intimate feel. And $250 is a very reasonable price for a framed oil painting.

Hoping to have at least the baboon painting and maybe one new painting completed for the Caton Merchant Gallery show in February. We will have to see with the commissions and holiday travels.....


Maureen said...

Tracey, be sure to let me know when details are available about your February show. I'll post on my All Art Friday feature.

Love the feeling created in this new painting.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey!

This is a great painting. I've always enjoyed these small works, but I can understand why you like working on the larger ones. Congrats on all the sales. That's awesome!

Dean Grey said...


The smaller paintings, as you pointed out, look great for smaller animals and birds.

Your larger works are wonderul IMHO because you can pump so much more into the background than a simple 5" x 7" portrait.

Just my opinion!