Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wright to Read Program Wednesday Night

We had seven Wright to Read kids and tutors (and friends) last night at the gallery to do some creative story writing about my paintings. This whole experience was new to me, but I worked really hard to step out of my comfort zone and in the end it was a really wonderful time. I hope to get copies of the stories they wrote soon so I can post them.

After an introduction, the kids spent time choosing a painting and then writing a story. We then had each one read there interpretation and I would read my narrative.

Children have a wonderful ability to see things as they really are. Some of the stories were very concrete, and some were very detailed with great sensitivity. I find many adults don't notice the slight nuances in my work, but most children do see the less obvious. Hearing the interpretations of kids is such an incredible experience because they SEE and see in a unique way. This way of seeing happens before the creativity is all but wrung out of us all by the time we are 13 or so. In some ways, it is sad to think that most probably they will lose that sense over the next five years. But I am glad to have a hand in encouraging the imaginative mind and with the help of the tutors and Twig, the gallery director, hopefully, there were seeds planted that will blossom into a creative life.


Maureen said...

So glad the event went well, Tracey. Quite a group. I can imagine the wonderful stories they might write about your paintings. I feel inspired myself when I see them.

Dean Grey said...


It sounds like everyone learned something new that night.

I'm glad things went smoothly and that the schoolchildren listened to what you had to say.