Wednesday, January 06, 2010

February Show

Anyone ever get stuck in a blue place? I know that this struggle isn't particular to artistic temperament and I am sure many of you deal with this as well. It has been an off and on lifelong companion for me and my old friend has been visiting for a few weeks for a number of reasons, hence my absence. But I feel the veil is lifting a now.....

The "Myth and Mystery" show opens in a few weeks and I have been finishing up a few paintings and addressing how to fill up a 30 running space. Katie and I are getting together next week to talk about details of the reception. The other artist, Karen, lives in Richmond, so we look forward to meeting her at the reception.

Please join us if you are able.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Another show and one of my favorite pieces of yours, "The Guide", is on the ad for the event. How cool. I was just showing a friend your work on your website this morning and telling her how The Guide is one of my favorites.

Glad to hear you are moving out of the blues. I have kept you in my prayers and will continue to do so.

Looking forward to hearing how this show goes. Wishing you much success!

Dean Grey said...


It comes and goes. You just need to ride out the depressive wave until it dies down again. And you will!

The upcoming show sounds exciting!

Three talented ladies getting together? Watch out!!


DEB said...

Congratulations on your show!! I am not sure what we are up to the day of the opening, but I am going to try to visit. You are only about 35 min. from where I live, so I look forward to seeing your work, and maybe you too, in person!

Maureen said...

Tracey, I'd like to do a promo on my blog of your upcoming show. Would it be possible to get a jpg of the show's announcement or one of the pieces you'll have in the show (perhaps the piece featured on the image of the card on your site)? Also, I'd like to do one Q&A to go with the promo. Please get in touch with me at Many thanks. ~ Maureen

SiLa said...

Hi Tracy, I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogging Award. Visit my photoblog to get it (