Thursday, January 14, 2010

Painting Update

Two weeks until the Caton Merchant opening and I am excited to debut the baboon that night. About time, yes? In the meantime, I need to conjure a title and make some sense of the bits and pieces of story. I feel a weight, like a finally faced memory, lifted now that he is complete. And, if I may say so, he really is magnificent to behold.

In working on small studies this week, I decided it was time to paint a female hummingbird.

"Ruby Throated Hummingbird" (female)
5" x 7", oil on panel
(available, $250, framed)


Maureen said...

Beautiful, Tracey.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow, Tracey. This little lady is just wonderful. You've really captured a grace in her body and face that is almost peaceful. And I don't think of a hummingbird as a peaceful critter. The color helps create that quiet sense, too.

Dean Grey said...


The upcoming show will be better than expected. You'll see.

And the green humingbird is gorgeous!

Such a tight rendering for such a small painting! Wow!!