Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art House Co-op...and Nee

Art House Co-op Gallery in Atlanta has sent out the call for "A Million Little Pictures." 1000 cameras are sent out by request all over the world for participants to document their lives in 24 frames. An exhibit of the work will be held in Atlanta at the gallery and also in the city with the most participants. I love the projects the co-op holds. It really is an ingenious idea to get everyone involved and get their artist on.

I am participating in the co-ops "The Canvas Project" this year. Having received 5 tiny canvases and five words, I must paint a picture based on those words, and may the Lord help me, because my words are:


.....any help would be greatly coveted and eagerly received.......

"Nee" is completed, but I will have to wait until the morning sun to photograph her. I learned over the last few days that swallows turn into creeping plants with tiny flowers as they die...Apparently, they also are of great use during a conflict since they are almost completely indestructable and will certainly destroy anything they fly into. Unless they are hurled by a Rook into rock as was the story with our Nee.

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