Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Question for your input.....

Why is it that one can be a terrible singer with no talent for singing but it seems impossible these days for one to be a terrible artist with no talent for art?
Not everyone can be a singer but it seems that anyone can be an artist.
I am not trying to cause division or attack anyone, I just would like to know other's thoughts about this question.
Thoughts anyone? Let's have a dialogue.


Sheila said...

No accounting for people's taste.

What about your post on BOMA or what ever that hilarious site you let us know about earlier? There are some limits.

But really Tracey, do you think a guy/gal who thinks R. Crumb is the best thing since sliced bread is someone you'd think/expect/want to appreciate your work?

Maybe... if they got their head out of comic book or from behind that video game every now and again and saw your stuff or stepped in a museum and actually viewed other masterpieces in person. Like you in your banner!

But you can't lead a horse to water and you can't drag an adult to a museum without getting charged with kidnapping.

Is this what you were commiserating about or am I off base in the middle of a lacrosse game?

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Art is such a subjective thing. We've visited galleries in Denver, Colorado Springs, Santa examples, and sometimes we just shake our heads and wonder how some people are held in such high regard as artists.

Is it the right time, right place for them? Networking? Who they know?

A couple examples come to mind where actors or musicians paint and everyone is clamoring for their work. I don't want to use names and offend. Sometimes it appears they have talent, but other times it seems like people just want to buy their work to have a piece of them. The work doesn't appear to be good at all and if they were just unknowns, I doubt anyone would give their work a second look. Does that make sense?

It also reminds me of some 'famous' people who write books. Are they great writers? Or is it that they just have a name/celebrity and publishers rush to print their writing because it will sell...making the most of their 15 minutes of fame.

I find it frustrating and perplexing at times.

Your thoughts?

sam said...

Well it IS subjective. Three is bad art and there is good art and there is somewhwere inbetween. Peoples' opinions do differ dont they?
I must confess that I am a big lover of art and can appreciate the smallest thing as long as its to do with colour or drawing/composition. So I cant stand a lot of modern art designed to be shocking, if its not appealing to my eye straight away then I dont give it much chance.
You can have a quick look on the Saatchi gallery and you will see exactly what I mean. Theres so many of this type of art designed to make you think that quite possibly I might be in a minority with my thoughts!