Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Painting...not

After breakfast with a friend at Ikea, I bought a love seat from Ikea. Everything from Ikea has to be put together, so my painting day ended up a putting-together-furniture day. But then the bookcases had to be moved so the piece could fit in the studio which meant all the books had to be removed....so, 5:30 in the evening and no painting today. When I get going on a project, you can be darn certain it is getting done the same day.
Anyone but me? Anyone?


Sheila said...

Wow... what a woman.... driven, determined, goal orientated.... not me... that's why there are half knitted projects all over and other misc stuff I need to do but because what I think is a bit of ADD, gets me side trac---

"Oh look a butterfly!"

Hey thanks for the advice my friend. Great resources and concise words of wisdom.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Tracey!

No, you aren't alone on being focused on project completion. My ideal is having the large chunk of time to finish something...doesn't always happen, but it is my nature to finish projects, like you described, on the same day. :)