Monday, April 06, 2009

Painting of Nee

My trip has been postponed until Tuesday, so a little time to paint today.

Last night, I was thinking a lot about the swallow painting in progress. It was revealed that her name is Nee. She dies during the Spring Revolt and the scene is that of her death. So, far this is all I can see. I do not think she is a "normal" bird, but I am uncertain of what that means yet. This one is "unfolding" like many of the paintings do.

Off to pack, now and I am on my way out in the morning.


L.Holm said...

Ahhh - interesting to to see this tender vision develop. You are incredibly generous to share your thoughts and dream process. I woke up having dreamt about your swirling background start. (not my own paintings, which tells me something useful, too!) I thought of Burchfield's inclusion of sound waves in his work--a completely different style than yours, but I find his work as mysterious and haunting. Your work is so powerful, Tracey. Wish I had adequate words. Liz

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Awarded! See my blog for details!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Well, Nee is haunting. Very emotional for me. As you have it right now it looks like a force is engulfing her. Wow.

Your process is so fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and enjoy your trip and the visit!