Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Norman Rockwell Exhibit

Morris Shapiro, director of Park West Gallery posted a really interesting and insightful blog post about the current Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art. This is his response to a less than favorable review of the show by a critic (What a shocker. An art critic that doesn't like Rockwell.)

I give a hearty amen to Mr. Shapiro.


Sheila said...

Kudos to Shapiro for defending and actually eloquently defining why I and so many others love and will always love Rockwell.

ParkWestGal said...

We're glad you enjoyed our Rockwell posting - thank you for the kind words!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I'm not sure if my initial comment took or not, so I want to share this as I feel very strongly about it.

First, thank you Tracey for sharing this with us. I'm just dumbfounded that some people do not view Rockwell as an artist, a great artist in fact.

This was certainly an eye opener for me and I hope that someday I will be fortunate enough to see Rockwell's work in person.

L.Holm said...

Excellent article. I never did understand the need to draw such a sharp-edged distinction between fine art and illustration. Fine art can illustrate (and is often employed to sell a product), and great illustration can elevate us, make us think, and move us in ways that some "fine art" doesn't. Poor Rockwell was a victim of the often elitist modern art world. My grandmother used to work in a gallery, and her lip would curl when someone said Rockwell's name. I used to spend hours as a kid studying his work (and N.C. Wyeth's) along with the abstract expressionists, the renaissance masters, Audobon, impressionists, fauves, etc. etc.
To me it was all fascinating and great art.

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