Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wise Words From Ariane Goodwin

Ariane Goodwin creator of the Smartist Telesummit and author of "Writing the Artist Statement" sends out a artist tips email each week. This section was particularly powerful to me today:

"Noticing a disconnect between the effort you put into writing your artist statement and its marketing impact? Make it more powerful by getting a little naked. Listing your credentials can be impressive... but how many times have you been drawn to someone because of their credentials? Facts inform, but they don't often draw people to you.Instead of using your artist statement as a recitation of bio facts, let people behind the canvas, under the clay, or into your darkroom. People might ask you where you learned your technique, but what they really want to know is....What's it like to be an artist? What time of day do you most like to work? What music do you listen to? What do you do when the muse deserts you? If you couldn't make art anymore, what would you do?Tell 'em what they want to know. Even you might find that your artist statement makes for more interesting reading."

You can read the entire email here. It is full of great stuff....


Sheila said...

Very cool. Haven't written an artist statement yet. I guess I will when these paintings of mine start selling. *HA*!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing this Tracey. You have helped me a great deal in my journey too.

Ariane said...

Tracey- Thanks for posting this tip of mine. As you know, I'm pretty passionate about artist statements, but not only because they bond so well with your audience, but because they can also deepen your conscious connection to your work.

And Sheila, as for waiting to write one, here's an email I got from an artist after she finally did her statement:
"Ariane, I recently sold 3 paintings! One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated."

It's only too late if you don't start now... :-)

Dean Grey said...

Wise words indeed!

Thanks for posting the link, Tracey!