Friday, April 23, 2004

to post or ot to post

I have been vacillating on the proposition of actually posting the diary. Being a rather private person and being riddled with the faint hue of something called fear of rejection, I wavered, but as I have walked these last months the philosophy that I hold concerning art has been greatly challenged and continues to bubble up in my life… maybe someone might benefit, and if not, I benefit enormously by just putting it into space. A catharsis, if you will.
There are recurrent themes or objects in the work of an artist. We are prone to force ourselves away from these if the fear of repeating ourselves. Or we ignore them because of the pressure of wanting to fit in. But the repetition of them is a very reflection of the soul.. it is who you are as an artist. Though there may be a deepening and transforming of these elements as an artist grows, they remain interwoven into the structure of the work in some way. The stamp of the unique soul……

Sunday, April 04, 2004


DEATH TO THE ART NAZI. Traditionalism is the death of the creative process. I am now convinced of this. The perpetuation of the elitist attitude in the world of art is the demise of real art. Art is one of the few wonders of the world that is completely subjective and the idea that an artist is only an artist if he or she completes a checklist of technical acrobatics is wholly antithetical to the heart and soul of the creative process! I liken it to religion. Do these things well and you are an artist… don’t do them or do them "poorly" (whatever that means) or have no interest in them and you cannot possibly be an artist. Ah! The pharisees and the true followers…. very distinct.