Monday, April 04, 2005


After intense focus on my last painting, ‘Mercutio‘…eating, sleeping, thinking about it, I am at that place again of starting over. I am very proud of ‘Mercutio‘ and feel I walked through the bone, muscle, blood and skin of that figure under the dense velvet of that robe. I can see it in my mind and almost ‘feel’ the figure. An artist may not live on the success of any work and its time to move on. Beginning again almost always brings depression and struggle, so I have been living in that place for a few weeks now underneath the busyness of life. The business is coming to an end and the faint voice in the distance of that next work is eye to eye with me now demanding to be contended with. Health issues have abounded lately and being one of those folks whose physical state is directly linked to her emotional state I am not winning the victory at the moment. I have learned that it WILL come to me but I have to be reminded not to take this gift for granted thus the fight. I have learned to look at my bodily struggles in the same manner. Health is a gift. The art is a gift. We do not appreciate things that come easily. The seasons of struggle teach us that lesson.